Women are wiser than men when it comes to investing something, well, that is what experts say. It is because despite they make lesser money than men, they tend to set aside a bigger percentage of their earnings. They are so thrifty that they save 8.3 per cent of their earnings and incomes versus the men’s 7.9 per cent according to a study and a survey conducted by financial experts.

A lot of women mainly focuses on paying lower fees and creating socially conscious investments to make sure they got something to get especially during the rainy days while men take more risks with their investments which encourages a lot of women to try it out as well.

However, not all women have the right knowledge about how to invest wisely and become successful financially so, here are some few tips that might help you start investing in something the wiser way.

·         BE CONFIDENT ENOUGH- There is actually a lot of time for us to learn a few important things about investment just like this article, so do it now, not later, and not in some other time. You should feel encouraged because, in the United States alone, 51 of that country’s total wealth is controlled by women, talking about women empowerment. However, there are still a lot of women around the world are lesser confident about themselves about investing their money to things because of sexism. Also, they lack the knowledge about investing and also lacks the experience. To get a good start, take a short course of online investment course on the internet, or listen to podcasts from financial experts, or read books about investments.

·         BE INDEPENDENT- If you are a single or in a relationship, do not rely on making yourself dependent on your male partner. Gone are the days that women have to wait for their prince charming to come and rescue them financially. Unfortunately, in some parts of the world, women rely heavily on their partners when it comes to the financial aspect. It is time for women to step up and work their butts out.

·         BE A CATALYST FOR IMPROVEMENT- You should look at the bigger things when you want to invest your money into something. Invest something not just for yourself and your family but also, invest in something that can improve our world. Socially responsible investing creates a huge impact on the community, especially if your investment mainly focuses on development and women empowerment. Make sure that your funds that are used for investment are focused on socially responsible ventures.

·         CHOOSE A FEMALE PARTNER FOR YOUR INVESTMENT- If you just want to pour in some funds for your investment, it is better to look for companies that are run by a female leader. According to experts, companies that have a big number of women employees and staff performed better historically. Choosing a female partner in your investment can also create compatibility considering that both of you are female and knows what your mindset is.

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