Upgrading The Nail Polish: The Semi-Permanent Enamel Nail Polish

Nail art and beautifying one’s nails is as old as history itself. People have been doing so for so long as anyone can remember. Nail polish techniques remained the same until now with the introduction of the semi-permanent gel nail polish. The difference is that it takes a bit longer to prepare but lasts ultimately longer than regular nail polish. How long, try 3 weeks at the minimum. It can be done DIY style, but for best results, get a professional to do it for you. Read on below as to how it is applied and why it is important that a professional do it for you.


The professional will dip your hand in warm water for a few minutes to make sure that the cuticle is soft and pliable with the orange pusher. This is an important step as one should never have their cuticles cut off as it could be downright dangerous. The cuticle is an important part of the bodies defense against bacterial infection and removing it can expose your nails to fungal infection and bacteria. After this part, the nails will be sanitized with a spray and a degreaser will be applied. Then, the nails will be buffed with a buffing block to make sure that the base coat would have proper adhesion to the nail. The residue will be then brushed and wiped off clean.


After buffing, a light coat of base gel coat will be applied and dried under a 40 watt led lamp for about 30 seconds. After it sufficiently dries, the Pintauñas semipermanentes is then applied and then let dry under the same 40 watt led lamp for 5 seconds, the procedure is then repeated for the second coat but this time it is made to “Polymerize” under the led lamp for 20 seconds. After it sufficiently dries, applies another layer of top coat and let it polymerize again for 20 seconds. When properly done, this nail polish can survive wear and tear guaranteed for the next three weeks at the minimum.


The standard nail polish will not be able to remove this nail polish because of its extreme durability. This makes it harder to remove and you would have to go to a professional that specializes in them to have it removed. It involves certain pads that wrap around each individual finger. Before that, the protective layer of top coat would have to be removed with gently filing it off. After wrapping it up, the semi-permanent gel nail polish could then be removed with a scraper that is specifically designed to remove semi-permanent nail polish.

Wrapping It Up

If you are that woman who values time and practicality above everything else, this could be the nail polish trend for you. While considerably lasts longer than any conventional nail polish, it will definitely save you from several trips.

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