Turn green to save the future from air pollution

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Various heath ailments occurring to human are due to the loss of a quality environment around us. Because we people are directly adding various pollutants into the air and this degrades the quality of air that we breathe in daily. Air is considered as an essential and vital life form within this world and it is time to avoid polluted air at least from this point. Because further destruction may result in serious disasters.

Effects of air pollution

We use a great deal of vehicles in our daily life and this affects not only the human body and it ahs its effects on human mentality. It can cause stress and irritation which is a great problem in the modern world today. So there is no other way than stoppingourprogression and turning green. It is time to avoid polluted air in order to save our children from any disaster that may happen in the future.

Air pollution can make changes very fast in the outer environment because air is everywhere. It has serious effects on human brings and can lead to death after a prolonged exposure to air pollution. In common cases, it couldcreate a wide range of healthailments.air mattresses

Air pollution can damage your respiratorysystem by damaging the lungs. Blood can carry harmful gasses to various organs because of the air pollution around us.  The air pollution is the main cause for lung cancer which is a common phenomenon in major cities. Even the air pollution has the capability to stop the functioning of hart though a stroke. Asthma is a well known condition created by low air quality.It is very important to understand the basic information about the common air pollutants so that at situations you may help yourselves in the act of preventing you from them.

Carbon monoxide

It is the important pollutant concerning air and it is released as a result of incomplete combustion of fossil fuels. A major section of manufacturing industries are constantly releasing this gas into the atmosphere and it has become one of the major environmental concerns of the world. This is also the major cause for the unavailability of oxygen to brain causing nausea.


Many have not heard about this gas but it has a part in deciding the health of your household. It is released due the decay process of the radioactivity material radon. And this radon is present beneath your house in rocks and other similar materials.

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