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The rise of likes and comments selling services

likes and comments selling services

Initially, there were E-mails and other connecting sources to send and receive information. There was even Yahoo messenger where one could chat with people and connect to them. But, with the introduction of Facebook, the whole game play of connecting with people and social media has undergone a turn over. Facebook was almost the first kind of social media platform which triggered all kinds of people to use it. This was what attracted the crowd to a large extent and they were heavily moved by the features that were incorporated in Facebook.

Influence of likes and comments

Facebook allowed people to share videos and write ups from people all over the world. Whoever was on the friend’s list of the person could view all the videos and the writings of the people. This allowed the people to share their views while allowing them to protect their private policies. They had the option to let only those people whom they showed it to view their works. This platform had many other features as well. This social media included games and commercial pages as well. This proved to be a great entertainment to many of the people.

Influence of likes and comments:

 Apart for entertainment purposes, this platform was also used to showcase the talents possessed by different people. Many people have the talent in them but they do not have the platform to showcase it. For those kind of people, Facebook proved to be an option. The simple hack on Facebook is that, the more number of Facebook likes and comments you receive, the more your work will be appreciated and recognized. This way the Facebook likes and comments have greatly influence the game play of the Social media. People who knew this fact then started looking for ways to increase their likes and comments on Facebook. There was a point where people used to desperately look for likes and comments.

That is how the market came up with many solutions out of which the services which sell Facebook likes and also comments came into lime light as such.

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