Standard and Trusted Proxy Websites to Free a Blocked Site


At times we may find ourselves having blocked the different sites that we interact with in our daily lives. It may be a bit pissing if the site is needed urgently and this is the reason as to why the free proxy website like hideme is coming in as a problem solver. What the online proxy program does is connecting you to the server of the blocked website, therefore, making it easier or instead access the IP address to unblock the blocked website.

What happens when a site is blocked?

There is the question of what happens when a site is blocked. What happens, is that every site that exists has an IT Admin of its own so when a website is blocked is usually the admin who has denied you the access of that site so therefore we say it is blocked. Thus, free proxy connects you directly to the admin hence helping you unblocking or instead of giving you back your access.


Several free proxy websites that help in unblocking sites

  1. a) The most common and trusted is the Secure free proxy website. It also allows the user to get an IP address if it’s hidden therefore making the unclogging process more accessible and reliable.
  2. b) There is also a popular jetfreeproxy website. It is the fastest among all the free proxy websites, therefore, making it more loyal to those who need the blocked site urgently.
  3. c) Forever proxy website is rated among the best and most helpful website in the problem of unblocking sites. This provides security of all the online activities that you partake making it hard for someone to trace what you do online hence no one can be able to block any of the sites that you use as an individual.
  4. d) There is a website of the free proxy that encrypts all the information that you feed into any site that you are using this makes you the only one who can access the information and also, hence making it 100% private. This website is known as piratebayproxxy.
  5. e) The last one is specifically for YouTube specifically. It is known as unblocking YouTube. It is purely for this site only it cannot be used for Facebook, or any other site is not multipurpose.


This website has come to the rescue of many, and we should all try. It is of no point to struggle anymore. As we have seen the free proxy appears in unipurpose form and multipurpose form all for the benefit of the user.

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