Salient Features of Jiva Beach Resort

fethiye jiva beach resort TUI

Turkey Jiva Beach Resort

Turkey is a hot tourist destination for those who love to spend their quality time at the shore of exotic sandy beaches that offer them 5-star accommodations with reluctant cuisine and beverages of their choice. Jiva Beach Resort is one such hotel that offers spacious rooms and makes your stay pleasant with good supporting staff that serves all your needs. Hence get into some action to pack your travel bag and fly to turkey with family or friends to enjoy the jiva beach tui holiday turkey that is available at affordable price and famous as Turkey’s Paradise. Is it a business trip or weekend tour for any purpose opt this hotel that offers all the amenities to its guests and lets them experience that they are unique to them!

fethiye jiva beach resort TUI

Salient Features of Jiva Beach Resort:

  1. Jiva Beach Resort is located near Fethiye, Turkey that is world famous tourist holiday destination that is equally historically important and also includes beautiful scenic sights, mountains, exotic beaches,andfamous Turkish cuisine.
  2. This hotel is 5 star and accommodates families in their spacious rooms and suites that are available at best price that fits into one’s budget and offers thefull range of facilities which are part of their holiday retreat.
  3. Enjoy their swim up rooms which let you get into your room back right after you dip into the swimming pool and other water-themed activities that provide you much Besides are minibars that serve you different beverages, soft drinks,and spirits that are perfect for a night out party.
  4. This hotel is worth each penny and offers you all the amenities in your room such as Free Wi-Fi, TV, AC, fridge, hairdryer, hot bathtub in few rooms or suites, coffee maker, shower toiletries, and other necessary things that are essential for your comfortable stay and give you lot of memories.
  5. You can also avail their 24/7 ground staff who is gentle and polite to deal with any requirement round the clock till you check out from the hotel.


Plan your trip to book your accommodation in Jiva Beach Resort that is a popular tourist destination and make you feel like staying at your own home. Enjoy every moment of your stay in this hotel as if staying at your own home. Plan a perfect holiday trip to remain in Turkey that makes your dream come true!

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