How to install artificial grass?

Have you bought your artificial grass from the seller or from the dealers? Now properly you will be ready to install it in your lawn. Everyone likes to have the green grass but since it is difficult in maintenance we are moving towards the artificial grass. Before you are going to lay the grass you should know about how to install it. Hiring the grass installer is also a better choice. But you should be known how to install the grass and how to maintain it too.

Consider the following steps to be followed while installation process

Step 1: First of all, you have to make the right place for planting your grass. Then dig out the soil about 3 to 4 inches from the top and remove all the unnecessary stones and other grasses. Have a clear soil with correct surface. The clear and plain surface will be apt for installing the artificial grass.

Before the excavation process is to going on, you need to use the rain soaking method in order to avoid the slumping.  Just have the compact soil by walking over it. In order to cover the drainage system, it is recommend having small slope and the hole in any corner of the grass land.

Step 2:  Before you are going to install the grass, just turf over it and having to drain the soil which are very much permeable to the bases and to the water. It is important to have the drain system nearby the lawn of your place. In some cases, there will be no such drain so that we are in need to make the drain system also before you are going to put the lawn. Every 15 cm it is very much important in order to have the best drain system so that you can able to get the better system even you are having the light raining or rain fall in that lawn.

Step 3: Installing of the water border is essential that will help in prevent the lawn from detach from the surface. And in order to prevent the other grass and unnecessary grass to grow in the lawn surface constant maintenance and watching is important. If you have found any other grasses that are start to come, then you should immediately pluck it out.   These are things that should be known by every people who are all interested in planting the artificial grasses.

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