Explainer Videos – Every Bit Of Detail You Should Know Of

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If you own a business and you want to explore the digital world, you probably already heard of explainer videos. This is extremely important especially if you want a short yet very effective corporate video. If this is what you are looking for, then you need to know more about explainer videos. This article will walk you through on everything that you need to know about explainer videos and why is it important to your business.

Explainer Video – What Is It All About?

An explainer video is a kind of short-clip that is used mostly for marketing or sales purposes. This video is very important because it highlights your company’s brand, specifically your products and services as well as your business idea in a very attractive and effective way possible. Many businesses use explainer videos on their landing pages or as a feature on their website’s homepage.

There are also others that use explainer videos to advertise a particular product or service on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. So what should an explainer video have? There are plenty of factors to consider, but here are five of the most important ones: 

  • Usually, explainer videos are not more than 3 minutes. In fact, there are ones that are even shorter, about one to two minutes. Yes, it is short, but it should include all of the things that you want to convey to your audience.
  • Call to Action. Every explainer video should have a strong call to action. It should clearly explain what your video is all about. The audience should have a good understanding of your brand, as well as the product or service that you are promoting by the end of the video.

Corporate Video

  • Brand and Audience Connection. For every explainer video, it should not be all about how a brand can benefit from this marketing strategy. You should make sure that your corporate video production hong kong team is able to connect your brand with your target audience.
  • Conclusion and Solution. Explainer videos should be focused more on addressing a certain issue or to explain the company’s product or service. It should also answer why their solution is effective and should be the customers’ choice.
  • The last, yet the most important factor to consider when it comes to explainer videos. Remember that explainer videos are short. So you have to make sure that it is designed and made with creativity. It needs to be high-quality not only with the production but most importantly, with its content. It should be able to effectively communicate what your brand is wanting to convey to your audience.

In making an explainer video, it will take a good amount of coordination, skill, and talent in order for it to be successful. This means that it is very important that you work with the right people. Yes, it is easy to find someone who can do the job, but you have to make sure that the person knows how to do the job well. Choose people or a company that you can trust.

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