Chalk Out Your Business Plans with Adaptive Insights

Adaptive Insights

The improvement in Science and Technology has made life much easier, especially that of businessmen. The latest innovations in computing and artificial intelligence have made it possible to efficiently plan out business plans by considering the present trends and effectively predicting future trends. Adaptive Insights is one such e-solution aimed at businesses and transforms the planning process into an advantage coming with powerful modelling that makes planning simple and executable. The Business Planning Cloud is a platform that enables corporate organisations across sizes in adapting themselves to the changing business scenario with much confidence to take the right decisions at the right time. In this article, we shall explore its features in depth.

Adaptive InsightsFeatures of Adaptive Insights

#1 Finance

The Business Planning Cloud Solution comes with everything that you might need to effectively and comprehensively plan, report and analyse your finances. Post analysis, you may also come up with a realistic and accurate budget. Prepare stunning reports from anywhere and any device – mobile, laptop or a tab.

#2 Sales

Analyse and quickly optimise sales resources, improve performances and predictability with the Business Planning Cloud Solution. You can also link your sales and financial plans and predict if your plans are in tally with the sales.

#3 Workforce strategy

Gone are the days when just worksheets were sufficient for managing the workforce. But, with the changing nature and dynamics of businesses, worksheets are no longer capable to help the business to adapt to the changing situations. Adaptive Insights models your workforce plans for any unforeseen scenario and create plans that get along with your corporate plans.


Here are a few perks of switching over for your planning solutions.

#1 Planning

Flexible, and scalable modelling for planning, inclusive of scenario planning.

#2 Integration

Integrate your planning and execution with CRM and ERP solutions like MS Dynamics, Netsuite, Salesforce and more.

#3 Consolidate

You can now automate and speed-up you financial close – right at the tip of your finger through the cloud.

#4 Reporting

Prepare eye-catching and accurate reports on the go – be it financial, operational, regulatory or of any kind. There is always a solution here.

These were a few features of Adaptive Insights that you should be aware of so that you make the most of the e-planning business solutions out there. All the best!!

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