Care for your baby from head to toe

Caring for a new born baby is not easy. We should be more careful. Even a small mistake will affect the child. If you are a new mom, then consider referring few articles about the caring processes. To keep the baby healthy, first it is important to consider the baby cleanliness and comfy. In this article, we can learn about the simple tips that guide you in handling baby.

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  • Face – Born babies have baby acne that is common and it is harmless actually. Face of the babies will have a red, blotchy patch. These patches can be removes with the mild soap to baby face daily.
  • Eyes – Babies will have yellowish discharge in the eye lid. It is due to the blocked tear duct. This should be removed with the wet cotton to moisten the baby eyes. The wet cotton can be taken from the warm water.
  • Scalp – For new born, scalp will be covered with scaly particles called cradle cap. These are formed when the baby was inside the mother womb. This will disappear in few days but takes more time. For this scaly particle, make the baby to get gentle shampoo and brush out the scales with the help of baby hair brush or smooth toothbrush.
  • Nose – Babies nasal passages are tend to fill with mucus. It can be unclogged with the nasal bulb syringe to loosen the mucus. When you insert saline solution, the suctioning will free up the nasal passage.
  • Nails – Even though the nails of infant is soft, it will scratch the baby skin. Skin is softer than the baby nail. Use baby clipper to cut down the nails. Usually it is better to clip after giving bath to the baby. When the nails are wet, it will be even softer and can be easy to cut down.
  • Skin – As said before baby skin more soft and smooth. It is not easy to handle their skin. They are hypoallergenic to many skin products. So take care of all the immediate causes and avoid those red, itchy patches over skin.
  • Umbilical cord – The cord stump should be kept clean and dry. It will fall off in short period of time. DO not cover the area until the stump detaches and falls off.

Care for baby is most important. It needs proper care and procedure to follow. From this article, you would have understood few facts. For detailed guidance about baby care, you need to check out