Boost your Mobile Phone Signal

Signal Strength in your Mobile Phone

If you experience a non-existent or bad mobile phone signal, it can be a very annoying situation. But if you manage to investigate the situation, you may find that there are several steps that will help improve the quality of reception.

These are some of the main options available:

Change mobile phone network

A simple way is to see how the mobile phone network is changing to find out if this can help in situations where reception does not work well or missed calls. If you are not subscribed to a specific contact, you may be able to go to an alternative service to find out if you can solve the problem associated with the signal. Many times, this option can help a lot to improve the performance of the mobile phone.

Signal Strength in your Mobile Phone

Invest in the Femtocell signal box

If you live in a basement or in a rural area and find it difficult to get the perfect reception all the time, you may want to invest in one of the femtocells or similar devices offered by mobile companies to help improve the signal in a specific area. Many of the devices are similar in design to a wireless router, and only need to be connected to increase the signal level in the house. Many of these devices can accept 25 to 30 different mobile numbers, which means they are equally effective for a small office environment, which often has problems with reception. A femtocell can often help with the problems associated with the low signal strength and the overhead of a mobile tower.

Use a signal booster

Another affordable option to help boost mobile signals in Albania is with many commercial signal amplifiers in mobile phones available in the market. A high quality signal amplifier is capable of efficiently amplifying the existing signal provided by the mobile network to ensure that it is strong enough to provide coverage throughout the office or department. They can improve reception by using an external mobile signal, retransmitting and amplifying it within the building. A qualitative aspect of the use of signal amplifiers is that many of these devices are capable of amplifying signals from many mobile networks, which provides flexibility in use.


Our mobile signal increased significantly, and we were able to work more efficiently, saving time at the entrance and exit of the building, trying to obtain a reception and improving sales, being available to our customers when they need it.

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