Best professional e-mail for small business

Many people are searching for work from home, or they want to set up a small business from home. Work from home means you are only answerable to yourself and you are your own boss. You can also make more money if you do not limit yourself to fixed working hours. The main disadvantage of working from home is you cannot separate your personal life from your professional life. However, you can take some steps to maintain your privacy in this situation. Below we are providing such a few steps that you can consider. You can visit for more information at

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  • Make use of forwarding address: You will have to register your small business to an e-mail address when you set up your small business. Most of the small business owners register their businesses to their own personal e-mail address. This is a great choice and makes sense if you are working from home. However, this option does not provide you the desired privacy. After the registration, your business address becomes available to the public members. Many people want to avoid the mixing of personal and professional address.
  • People should invest in mail forwarding address. The mail sent to you on this address can be forwarded to you.
    Investing in a business phone: You can use your personal phone as a work phone. This will reduce your phone expenses on a monthly basis as you will have to spend money only on one phone and you will have to take an insurance policy for just one phone. However, using your personal phone for a professional purpose has some problems. First, you will have to make your mind ready to use your own number make available to the general public. You could also experience prank calls or messages. To know more, you can visit at .
  • If you are using your personal phone for a professional purpose, you cannot turn it off outside your working hours, but you can switch off your professional phone outside your working hours. You can pick up any messages or voicemails when you head back to your work. Using a separate phone for professional purpose reduces the risk of leaking any sensitive information to the professional contacts. You can store all kind of personal information in your personal phone and send the private messages. Nobody wants to accidentally send the image of his dog to the marketing agency or web designer instead of your latest product image. You also do not want to send the message intended for your friend to the professional client.