Avoid hand and wrist injuries in Houston to the answering machine

Hand or wrist injuries Houston

If it were not for the dexterity of the human hand and wrist, there would be no mobile detectors or owners of mobile car washes. Fortunately, people wash their cars very well with their own hands and some tools. Tools such as; Towels, chamois and wax pads, oh yeah, and a few bottles for a syringe, and you can make any car new. Of course, when the mobile operator was sore or in trouble due to the large number of repetitions and carpal tunnel syndrome, everything becomes very serious and they can no longer make a living.

For almost 3 decades, you manage a franchise company that deals with aircraft cleaning, automatic details, mobile car wash and vehicle fleet. We spent a lot of time teaching and training our franchisees and their franchise managers at Hand or wrist injuries Houston how to properly clean the car without hurting their hands or wrists. This is a serious matter. Our franchisees were instructed to make all their employees do the same.

Hand or wrist injuries Houston

Hands and wrists hurt

Before franchising my company, you can work for about 15 years, doing most of the work myself with several teams and teams. There were times when my hands and wrists hurt me so much that had to force other people to do the work, while telling them what to do. And keep in mind that was in great shape, absolutely in my physical condition, you can even wash the car for exactly three minutes; complete hand washing! You can wax the car in 10-15 minutes and they would look intact.

But you can quickly learned that you should avoid injury to your hands and wrists if you stay in business. For example, when holding the wax pads, you should place the applicator in the palm of your hand, stretch it to your fingers and most of the effort should go to the pad of the hand, not the fingers. And when it reaches the body line, you should rotate your arm at an angle, otherwise you can hurt your fingers.


However, you must understand how carpal tunnel syndrome works and you should change your hand from time to time. And it does not matter if you hold the handle of the clothes, the pressure washer or even a towel to dry the windows of 100 cars in a row, these rules are still valid. In general, we hope you keep this in mind and avoid injury or any of your equipment. Please think about it.

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